Aviation Data Consolidation And Reporting

The Information Gateway for Corporate Aviation Department Recordkeeping and Document Tracking.

ADCAR, (Aviation Data Consolidation And Tracking) is an information and document management software program designed for the corporate flight department looking for a method to meet the requirements of IS-BAO (International Standards - Business Aviation Operations) by enabling them to track the sometimes unconnected pieces of information required by their Company Operations Manual. IS-BAO allows a company to track required information in any manner they choose. Many departments do this by using a mixture of methods such as excel spreadsheets, word processor documents and paper record keeping. ADCAR will pull together all the required items to be tracked and most importantly, provide a method to report the status of the items being tracked. ADCAR is not intended to be a pilot logbook program or aircraft maintenance tracking program. ADCAR is aimed specifically at tracking all the items required for IS-BAO compliance and providing status reports.

The ADCAR Design Philosophy
ADCAR utilizes an intuitive interface and logical grouping of functions and features. Most users don’t want to sit down with a manual just to learn the basics of a program and the information presented should be quick and easy to interpret. The ADCAR interface uses a system of color coded blocks or “flags” to highlight the status of tracked items. The status of an individual or item can be quickly assessed by scanning the page. No flags – everything is good and up to date. Yellow, Blue, Fuchsia or Red draws your attention instantly to any items that are expired or need attention. Printed reports present the information in an easy to analyze format that allows quick analysis.

ADCAR Structure
The program is divided into five major categories of data: Personnel, Aircraft, Equipment, Safety and Documents.
Personnel – Pilots, Maintenance Technicians, Administration, and Support Personnel.
Aircraft – Aircraft specific publications, equipment, licenses and permits.
Equipment – Publications and equipment and not specifically assigned to a particular aircraft.
SMS – Safety Management System audits.
Documents – Digital copies of documents with an interface to track their currency.

Personnel – Personnel are presented in tabbed groups that allow managers to view data for their personnel. A report control opens up another menu page that offers standard reports and allows selections to be filtered by group, individual and/or a specific date range.

Aircraft – A control brings up a standard page for each aircraft. A report control opens up another menu page that offers standard reports and allows selections to be filtered by aircraft, category and/or a specific date range.

Equipment – Items are grouped together and displayed in a manner similar to the interface of previous categories. This area is intended to track all items that are unassigned to a person or specific aircraft. A report control opens up another menu page that offers standard reports and allows selections to be filtered by category and/or a specific date range.

SMS – The safety group opens to a page that tracks the status of safety audits. Reports are available from the report command on the main menu.

Documents – The documents control brings up a standard form with all digitized documents sorted by the three major categories with fields to enter expiration dates of the documents. Selecting a document brings up a thumbnail of that document. The document can then be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed or printed. A report control will bring up a report selection page with standard reports and will offer the ability to filter by person or document expiration and/or a specific date range.

All pages utilize color coded flags where appropriate to allow verification of item status at a glance.

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