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Working with Documents

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In addition to tracking events, ADCAR also stores and tracks digital copies of paper documents. The documents control brings up a standard form with all digitized documents sorted by the three major categories with fields to enter revision numbers and expiration dates of the documents if desired. Selecting a document brings up a thumbnail of that document in the view window. The document can then be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed or printed. The report control will bring up a report selection page with standard reports and will offer the ability to filter by person or document expiration and/or a specific date range.

The ADCAR program organizes the documents into three major categories and each category is selected by tabs on the left side of the document window. The categories may be further broken down into groups and selected from the tabs at the top of the document window. If necessary, the groups are further broken down into individuals and are selected from the tabs at he bottom of the document window

Adding a Document

Documents to be stored in ADCAR must first be scanned and converted a PDF document. ADCAR will only store documents in the PDF format and cannot convert from other formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF,DOC, TXT, etc. If your wish to use documents in these formats, you will need to use a third party program to convert them to the PDF format. To keep database file size manageable, use the lowest resolution scan that will still provide good detail in your document. 150 dpi is adequate for most documents. Keep in mind that color scans will create larger files than grayscale.

Select the category, group and individual that you want to store the document for.
Append a blank record by clicking the New Record button in the upper left corner of the Document window.
Use the dialog window that opens to locate the document you want to store. Select the document and click "Open".
Enter the name for the new document and click "OK".
Fill in the revision and expiration date if desired.
To save the document information, click the Post Edit button or click the Cancel Changes button to cancel adding the document information. Cancel will not delete the document, only the document information. You must select "Delete Document" to get remove of the document itself from the database. If you are entering several documents at once, you can automatically save the document and append a new one in one step by clicking the New Record button.

The digital document is renamed and copied to the ADCAR database to prevent tampering and protect document integrity. The original document PDF file is not altered in any way and can be deleted or stored as a backup.

Editing a Document

To preserve document integrity, the documents themselves cannot be edited or modified, only the information attached to them such as the Document Name, Revision, and Expiration Date.

Select the document that you want to change the information for.
Click the Edit Record button in the tool bar at the top of the Document window. The editable fields in the record will turn from green to white to indicate that the program is in edit mode.
Edit the desired fields.
Click the Post Edit button to save the changes or click the Cancel Changes button to cancel the changes.

Deleting a Document

Select the document that you want to delete. A pointer will appear in the leftmost column.
Click the Delete Item button in the tool bar at the top of the Document window. You will get the following warning:
If you really want to delete the item click "Yes". If you selected "Verify Deletes" in the setup option from the Main Menu command bar, you will be asked to type "Yes" to confirm the deletion. There will be no way to undelete the record if you proceed. If you do not want to delete this record, click "No" or "Cancel".
When you are finished, click "OK".

Retrieving a Document

To view or print a document stored in ADCAR, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. When you click on a document, a thumbnail of that document is presented in the document viewer window. To view the document full screen or to view additional pages of a multi page document, select the "Open Document" icon from below the document viewer window. This will launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and allow you to to view and print your document.

Printing a Document

Documents stored in ADCAR can be printed by opening the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader and using Acrobat's print command or multiple documents can be selected for printing together by double clicking in the first column of the document record. An "X" will appear in the column indicating that it has been selected for printing. Selecting print from the toolbar at the top of the document window will send the selected documents to the default printer. Additional buttons on the toolbar will select all documents for printing and clear all selected documents.



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