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The training tab keeps track of user defined events. These events can be one time or recurring. Expiration dates can be entered directly or a selected interval can be computed. The event can also deal with grace months, be deferred, or tagged as "N/A" for events that are deliberately left blank. The training tab also has a general training notes section for each individual.
Events are defined in the Master Event List and apply to all personnel. Events that do not apply to a personnel group can be hidden for that group. If due dates are entered for an event, ADCAR will keep track of the status and alert you as it comes due by highlighting the event with a colored flag.
After events are defined in the Master Event List, they are edited in the Personnel window. Training event information is edited by selecting edit mode from the toolbar in the lower left hand corner of the Training Event window. See the topic Editing Records for more information.

Making an Event "Not Applicable"

Because training events can only be hidden for an entire Personnel group, occasionally you may have events that don't apply to one or more individuals in a group. Rather than leave the event blank, check the "N/A" box to the left of the event. This will grey out the event indicating that it was purposely left blank, and will prevent it from being erroneously included in personnel reports.

Base Month

If an event uses a base month in it's calculation, you can enter the base month from the drop down list. The grace month interval is set in the Program Options window.

Last Completed

If the event is a calculating event, entering a date in the last completed field will cause the date due field to be calculated. If the event is non calculating, entering a date in the last completed field will make the value available any reports that use the last completed field data. This entry is optional in a non calculating event.

Due Date

In a calculating event this date is computed from the last completed date. In a non calculating event, this date is entered manually. Any dates in this field are flagged by the ADCAR program as they come due.

Deferring an Event

Selecting the deferred checkbox will prevent an event from being flagged or appearing on reports as it comes due.The data is not lost and can be restored by unchecking the box.



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