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The Main Menu

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ADCAR 's Main Menu provides a central point from which all of the program's windows and functions can be accessed

Command Bar

The Command Bar provides pull-down menu access to all of ADCAR's functions and data records:

File Menu – Provides user log-in/out functions, plus access to the Snapshot Database, Database Manager and Update Utility.
Records Menu – Provides menu access to the data record windows (see Data Record Buttons below).
Reports Menu – Provides access to reports for all data categories.
Configuration Menu – Includes functions for setting global program options, plus managing user accounts. See Program Options.
Help Menu – Provides access to program information, documentation and related Web links.

Data Record Buttons

These buttons provide one-click access to the main data record windows in ADCAR:

Personnel Records – Opens the Personnel Records Window from which all personnel-related information and reporting is managed.
Aircraft Records – Opens the Aircraft Records Window from which all aircraft-related information and reporting is managed.
Equipment Records – Opens the Equipment Records Window from which all unassigned equipment and miscellaneous items is managed.
SMS Records – Opens the Safety Management System Records Window from which all SMS-related information is managed.

Document Record Button

This button provides one-click access to the document management window:

Document Records – Opens the Document Records Window from which digital documents are managed.

Status Bar

This area displays various program-related information:

User – Shows the username of the current user.
Version – Shows the program version number.
Data Path – Shows the full path name to the folder containing the ADCAR database, the "server" name, and if the data is being accessed via the local or remote server. The flag before the server name will be green if it is accessing "Live" data or red if it is accessing "Snapshot" data.



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