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Report Preview Window

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The Report Preview Window provides functions for screen previewing of reports. The command bar, located at the top of the window contains controls for navigating the report (changing the displayed page), controlling the size (i.e. zoom-in/zoom-out), and for printing or exporting the previewed report.

Navigation Controls


The navigation controls include VCR style buttons for browsing through the pages of the report. The current page number is shown in the associated field. You can go directly to any page by entering a page number into this field then pressing the <Enter> key.

Zoom Controls


The zoom controls include three quick-zoom selection buttons:

Full Page — Sets the zoom so that the entire page can be seen at once. On a typical 17" monitor, normal report text is not readable at this zoom setting.
Page Width — Sets the zoom so that the page width fills the window. On a typical 17" monitor, this is the optimal zoom setting for reading the report.
100% — Sets the zoom to actual size (100%). On a typical 17" monitor, both the horizontal and vertical scroll bars must be used to read the report.
You can directly set any zoom percentage by entering the number in the associated field then clicking the <Enter> key.

Print Button

Click this button to print or export the displayed report.



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