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Product Support

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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available to registered customers via email.
If you experience problems with ADCAR, the first line of contact with us is via the Internet. We are a small company and are not able to man the phones at all times, however email messages are checked frequently throughout the day. We will usually return most support requests within a few hours and we do our best to get back to everyone within one day. Please leave a contact number with your email message. If necessary we will call you to help resolve your problem. We often return calls on weekends and in the evening, so you can leave both a home and business number if desired.
Technical Assistance Contacts
Email: Support@ISBAOSolutions.Com

Product Updates

Program updates and standard report template updates are available to registered users. Initial purchase of ADCAR includes free "Dot" upgrades. (X.1, X.2, X.3 etc.) Major version revisions will be available to registered customers at a reduced price.

Custom Reports

For registered users who desire customized reports, they are available by request. Please contact ISBAOSolutions for pricing.



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