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Personnel Data Window

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The personnel data window consists of a General Information section that is common to all personnel and a Category Specific section that can be individually configured for different personnel categories. The General Information section and the Category Specific section are edited independently and have their own record edit tool bars.

Personnel are grouped by category and are selected from the tabs at the bottom of the window. The categories and tabs are user configurable.
Category specific items are configurable for each personnel category.

Adding a Personnel Record

To create a new personnel record select Employee > New from the Personnel Window command bar.
Enter a unique personnel number in the Employee ID field. Click OK. The personnel number can be any combination of letters and numbers, upper or lowercase.
Fill in the desired fields for the new record.
To save the new record, click the Post Edit button to save, or click the Cancel Changes button to cancel changes to the record. Canceling will not delete the new record, only the changes made to the record after it was created. To completely remove the record you must delete.

Editing Personnel Record General Information

Click the Edit Record button in the tool bar in the upper left corner of the Personnel window. The editable fields in the record will turn from green to white to indicate that the program is in edit mode.
Edit the desired fields.
Click the Post Edit button to save the changes or click the Cancel Changes button to cancel the changes.

Category specific information uses the tool bars located in the lower left corner of the window to edit their information. The exception is Passport and Certificates and Ratings tabs. These tabs have general information at the top that is edited by selecting the General Information editing tools, and specific information that is edited by using the tools in the lower left hand corner of the window.

Deleting a Personnel Record

Display the Personnel record you want to delete.
Select Employee > Delete from the Personnel Window command bar. You will be presented with a warning that you have chosen to delete the selected personnel record. If you are sure that you want to delete the record, click "Yes". If you selected "Verify Deletes" in the setup option from the Main Menu command bar, you will be asked to type "Yes" to confirm the deletion. There will be no way to undelete the record if you proceed. If you do not want to delete this record, click "No" or "Cancel".

Archiving a Personnel Record

Personnel records can be archived. This saves all data connected with the personnel record but does not display the information in any of the windows or reports. Any training events that are modified or deleted are also modified or deleted from the archived records. To archive a personnel record:

Select Employee > Archive from the Personnel window command bar. You will get the following window:
Click OK. If you selected "Verify Deletes" in the setup option from the Main Menu command bar, you will be asked to type "Yes".
Confirm by typing "YES" then click "OK"

Restoring an Archived Personnel Record

To restore an archived personnel record:

Select Employee > Restore Archived Employee from the Personnel window command bar.
Click on the down arrow or start typing in a name to access the drop down box.
Select the record that you want to restore and click "OK"
If you want to continue click "YES".



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