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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Most of ADCAR's entry fields and windows respond to keyboard commands or "shortcuts" which allow for more rapid data entry under certain circumstances.

When viewing a record, pressing the <Tab> key moves the cursor to the next field, automatically expanding and collapsing detail fields as necessary. <Shift-Tab> moves the cursor to the previous field.

Numeric and date fields support increment and decrement via the <+> and <-> keys.

Fields can be cleared by typing <Ctrl_-> (hold down <Ctrl> and press the <-> key.)

Many of the command bar functions can be invoked using the following key sequences*:


Goto first record.


Goto last record


Goto prior record.


Goto next record.


Add new record.


Erase record.


Edit/Post record.


(*) Note: Not all windows support command bar shortcuts.



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