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Job Titles

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To add or edit a Job Title select Configuration > Job Titles from the Personnel Window command bar. The Job Title window is edited by selecting the edit tools from the lower left hand corner of the window.

JT Code

The Job Title Code determines the order that personnel are displayed in their respective group tabs in the Personnel window. The Job Title code values must be in the form GGnn where GG is a one or two letter Group Code and nn is the two digit sequence number. The JT codes are case sensitive. The JT code does not have to be identical to its associated Group code. All JT codes must be unique.
In the following example Line Service is responsible to the Director of Maintenance. We want the Maintenance tab in the Personnel window to display maintenance personnel in the following order:

Director of Maintenance
Maintenance Technicians
Line Service Technicians

The Maintenance group is divided into two units: Mechanics and Line Service. Mechanics are further divided into Managers (Director of Maintenance) and Technicians (Mechanics). The maintenance group as a whole is assigned the letter "M". Mechanics are "MM" and Line Service is "ML". Now to set the display order we assign JT code MM00 to the Director of Manintenance, MM01 to the Mechanics and ML00 to Line service. When we go to the Maintenance tab in the personnel window we expect to see the personnel displayed in the desired order, however we find that Line Service comes up first and changing the sequence number has no effect. It is important to keep in mind that ADCAR will sort alphabetically and numerically from left to right and since ML comes before MM alphabetically it will always display first regardless of the sequence number. There are two ways to correct this situation; Change the JT code to "MS00" or change all Maintenance Group JT codes to just "M". (M00, M01, M02) Either way will now display the Maintenance personnel starting with the Director of Maintenance, then the Mechanics, alphabetically by last name and finally Line Service, alphabetically by last name.

Group Code

The group code is used by the Personnel window to display personnel in their respective Group Tabs as well as by the report generator to filter records. Group codes can be any one or two letter combination. Group codes are case sensitive.
Suggested Groupings:


Group Code


Subgroup Code





Flight Attendants






Line Service


Dispatch / Scheduling






Admin / Travel








Job Title

The Job Title will appear in the drop down box when adding or editing a personnel record. Only the Job Titles entered here will be allowed to be entered in the job title field in any personnel record.



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