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Create Snapshot Database

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The snapshot database allows a user to carry a copy of the database with them on their laptop or on an external device such as a USB thumb dirve. It is the same in all respects as the live database with the exception that it is read only and cannot be modified. All non-archived information, reports and documents are available. The read only function prevents the user from modifying the snapshot data thinking they are working with live data.

Creating a Snapshot Database

To create a snapshot database select File > Create Snapshot Database from the Main Menu command bar. You will be asked for a data path.

After entering the path or accepting the existing path the live data will be copied to the snapshot.Typing in a data path that does not exist will create the location. Depending on the size of the database and the speed of the connection the creation of the snapshot database may take several minutes. When the snapshot database is complete you will be asked if you want to switch to the snapshot database. Selecting "Yes" will make the snapshot the active database, selecting no will keep the live database active.

When using the snapshot database, the flag on the Main Menu will be red to indicate that the snapshot data is in use and will show the date that the snapshot was taken. The editing tools will be unavailable in any of the data windows.



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